Post Production

We do post production work for films and add and rendering consultant services for editing, sound mixing, dubbing, re-recording, DI, CG, Movie screening, Marketing and promotions.


Editing is the art of manipulating and combining video files to create a completed video project.


It can throw off the entire scene, and may even make us question the quality of the film itself.


Dubbing is the process of replacing the original dialogue in a film, television show, video game,etc...


Re-recording is the process by which the audio track of a film or video production is created.


Testing is a crucial step in film production, where you evaluate how potential actors perform in front of the camera and interact with each other.


Our strategic and holistic thinking will result in thoughtful and beautiful work on time.


Our studio editors are experienced with all the programs and they will use the best software that will enhance the originality of the content.


A movie screening is the displaying of a motion picture or film, generally referring to a special showing as part of a film's production and release cycle.


The marketing of a film is an important factor in its production. Without ads, no one will know a film exists.


Film promotion generally includes press releases, advertising campaigns,such as the films actors and directors.

Film Production

G.S.R Cinemas has started film production in the year 2016.

Movie Released In TamilNadu

From latest celebrity news, movie updates, upcoming films, teasers, trailers, songs and etc..

Movie Released In International

From Mexico and France to Japan and South Korea, some of the best films of the year were produced internationally.

OTT Release

The season of love is here, and if you’re considering a cosy evening with your loved one, you’re in for a treat. There is a plethora of new OTT releases ready to grace your screens.

Video Production

The term "Video Production" is reserved only for content creation that is taken through all phases of production (Pre-production, Production, and Post-production) and created with a specific audience in mind.