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Discover all events, film festivals, and award ceremonies celebrating your favorite movies, TV shows, celebrities, and more Experience new and classic Disney films and special events at the GSR Cinemas.

Musical Awards

Media Audio Music Awards - statistics & facts Music awards are annually held award presentation ceremonies recognizing musical achievements in the industry for a specific year. Award shows also typically include performances by prominent artists. Some of the most significant music award ceremonies include the American Music Awards, MTV Music Awards and, the biggest of them all, the Grammy Awards, commonly referred to as the Grammys.The influence of the Grammy Awards on music lovers all across the world is significant. For example, in 2017, Grammy nominees in the category for “Album of the Year” experienced a 291 percent increase in sales following the event.

For genre-specific categories, winners are selected from across 25 different types of music – covering genres like pop, rock, rap, R&B, country, reggae, classical, gospel and jazz and more. Most genre-specific awards include Best Performance, Best Song and Best Album but new category awards pop up often too. For example, within the 2023 ceremony awards, two new additions included Best Spoken Word Poetry Album, Best Score Soundtrack For Video Fames and Other Interactive Media.In the vibrant tapestry of India’s cultural landscape, music serves as a powerful thread, weaving together traditions, emotions, and innovation.From the timeless classical ragas that echo through the corridors of history to the contemporary beats that resonate with the pulse of the youth, these awards showcase the kaleidoscopic range of musical expressions that define the Indian sonic landscape.

Film Fare Awards

Filmfare has been covering the lifestyle and careers of Indian film celebrities for the last 60 years and its digital avatar carries forward that legacy in a zany new form. Being online allows us to be more up-to-date with what is going on in the world of stars and helps us bring it to you on a more intimate level. Plus, our digital presence is more snippety, more reader friendly and more in sync with the mindscape of the millennials. Our aim is to build bridges with the ever increasing global community whose passion is Bollywood. We make sure we serve informed content that not only entertains but engages the reader too.

The Filmfare Awards hold the pride of the place in the hearts of stars and fans alike. Since their inception in 1953 they have been a benchmark of merit in the industry. Some years later, we started honouring excellence in South industries as well. Today, we not only have our main ceremony in Mumbai for the Hindi industry but also have events dedicated to the Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam industries held in Chennai and Hyderabad alternatively. Then, recently, we started out exclusive properties honouring the Bengali, Marathi and Punjabi film industries too, with Kolkata, Mumbai and Chandigarh as the venue. Plus, recognising the fact that its film fashion which drives the fashion industry forward in India, we have started the Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards, honouring those who made the most dapper films and who were dressed most nattily both on screen and off screen…